The History of Tigervision


Tigervision started with humble beginnings as the Clemson Cable Network in 1994 in the Holtzendorf Building. CNN began as a partner of WSBF FM radio, and has grown ever since. At it's height, CCN aired a variety of shows and recent movies. During the 2006-2007 academic year there was a decline of the organization's strength, but with time and hard work the organization was reborn.


The rebirth started with rebranding; out went Clemson Cable Network and in came Clemson Television. The channel started off running only a handful of shows, and filled in the rest of the time with Public Domain Movies. As the years passed, the channel produced more original programming. It was clear that with the increased quantity of shows, another increase in the quality was necessary.


The transition to HD brought the latest and final rebranding of the organization. Tigervision was born at the beginning of the 2014 school year. In the years that followed, the channel began to strengthen in both the quality and quantity of student programing. New shows were created while older ones were molded and developed into even stronger programs. The foundation that CCN and CTV provided enabled Tigervision to reach its full stride. Social media platforms have allowed the organization to expand outside of its humble cable television beginnings, and Tigervision now delivers high quality social media content to audiences around the world. Tigervision currently produces news packages and covers Clemson football events in addition to its in house programming.

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